A combination of css reset and normalize (available in CSS, SCSS, Stylus and LESS).

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This combination of css reset and normalize is based on

Rules and Reasons

Take a look at the source code, it has comments.

BTW: Here’s an article about Reboot, Resets and Reasoning by Chris Coyier.


css-reset-and-normalize is a npm package. You can install it…

# …using npm
npm install --save css-reset-and-normalize
# …or yarn
yarn add css-reset-and-normalize

You can also use the latest generated CSS directly from a CDN:


There are multiple ways:

Optional Addons:

See source code.


The optional addons can be included the same way like the base library.

SCSS example:

@import 'path/to/node_modules/css-reset-and-normalize/scss/reset-and-normalize';
@import 'path/to/node_modules/css-reset-and-normalize/scss/button-reset';
@import 'path/to/node_modules/css-reset-and-normalize/scss/link-reset';


MIT © Simon Lepel